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Monday, July 24, 2006

Almost there

2 more days and we should be in our new home, God willing. The closing has been pushed off til wednesday thanks to the sellers realtor, but that gives us one more day to get stuff up and out of the way. We actually have times listed now, so we close on the old one 9 am and the new one at 12.

Our new pastor and a church member came with the church trailer today, and helped load it up. The only furniture we have left out is our queen mattress(boxspring is loaded), the crib and one couch piece from our sectional. There still is misc stuff to be stuffed into boxes but the house is mostly empty, thankfully.

Which then just leaves cleaning, my least favorite chore. But a good friend of mine is going to come help clean on thursday and it just lifts my spirits to know im not doing this on my own. Hopefully i can get a few more people to help and we can get it all done in one day, i really want to be in the new house rather than the old :)

The buyer does his final walk thru at 10 tommorrow, prayers that all goes well. Just still a bit nervous with all the roller coaster of house stuff we have been on. I will be soo glad when all the documents are done and signed! God is good ... all the time, i just need to remember to leave it all in his very cabable hands. He has worked every detail up to this point, why should I doubt now?

Praising God from whom all blessings flow including my crazy bunch of wonderful kids! Its certainely been a challenge trying to pack around 8 kids, not without some stress, some yelling and quite a few threats to put kids in boxes ... Okay so i really didnt do that, but i cant say i wasnt tempted. Ezekiel was feeling ill this morning and i almost cheered cause he stayed still in one place and wasnt getting into anything! Thankfully he is feeling better but you know i kinda liked the down time, you know the time i didnt have to make sure he wasnt jumping out a window or unlocking the front door.

Well its late, and i need to hit the bed,w hats left of it anyway.


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