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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I must say God is good ... all the time. We have officially made it to our new home as of 9 pm last wednesday night. The last 4 days have been filled with arranging furniture, unpacking boxes and exploring our beautiful new home and yard.

The closing were not with some trempidation and glitches. We discovered the morning of the closings that our loan officer forgot to allocate funds for assessments against the house. I am positive we told him, but it got dropped somewhere along the way. So we are ready to close on the old home and found ourselves 2000 dollars short that we needed to take the next home. Talk bout a trusting God moment!

Our loan officer had to run our loan thru underwriting again with the lower proceed amount and we didnt know for an hour if we were approved or not. We got the computer approval within the hour but another hour or two before we got the final underwriter sign off and we were good to close. God brought us this far, and he did not fail to provide for us once again. All praise and honor go to the Lord for this.

We have been blessed beyond what we could imgaine. For the first two days, it felt like we were imposing on someone elses home or renting, it just did not feel quite real. As we are unpacking our things and settling into home, its feeling like ours. I cannot say enough how much God had done for us, I am amazed at his goodness.

Beyond that we have been blessed by people giving us things ranging from the former owner bringing by their old room air conditioner to the pastor hunting down furniture pieces for us. The Lord has provided our needs tenfold and I know wihtout a doubt he will continue to do so.

I am so enjoying my "quiet room" that I established. I declared the living room a non Tv room( i can use my laptop there of course lol) and have set it up with books and puzzles, games eventually too. We got given a very nice sectional couch for up there, and the fishtank will be in that room as well. The kids have tended to congregate downstairs where the TV is, a few wander up now and then but its nice to have a place to relax. And a place downstairs for us all to sit as a family as well. I love my eat in kitchen, and the ceramic tile and the island. I just loove everything in my new home :)

We havent been without issues though, when we finally got the drain pipe for the washer done, we discovdered the washer didnt work right. Thankfully we still have one month of extended warrenty on that thing, so hopefuly we can get if fixed soon.

I should end now, or ill end up talking endlessly bout all my fabulous closets that I am just giddy about. But I just want to thank God for providing for our family once again!


  • At 2:54 PM, Blogger Tina said…

    Congrats on your new home. I am so happy for you!

  • At 9:27 PM, Blogger Cathy said…

    I'm so happy for your family, MJ!! That's great! I felt the same way moving into our new house.. it didn't feel like it was ours yet. Once we started unpacking and filling the house with our things, it began to feel more like it belonged to us. I know you're loving more space and so many other things about this house. May God bless your family and allow you to use your new place for His glory. <>< <>< <><

  • At 9:27 PM, Blogger Cathy said…

    By the way... can't wait to see some pics of the place! =_


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