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Friday, December 30, 2005

"PIck on someone your own size"

Tonite was one of those moments that you realize that somthing you have been trying to teach has finally clicked, at least for one of the kids.

Its friday night, various boys requested to sleep with their brothers, so we said go ahead. Well little miss ariana(our 5 yr old) decided she wanted in on her brothers fun. That of course, did not set well with our resident "loner" child, Nathaniel. Since his request for her to get out was ignored, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He drug his sister out the room physically and she was more than upset.

Here comes Elijah to the rescue. He maybe 3 yrs younger than nathaniel but he probably weighs just bout the same . He says to Nathaniel, "Why dont you pick on someone your own size" and proceeds to fight N for his sister.

Its not that I want them fighting, in fact I'd rather they not. Its more the fact that its about time someone stood up to nathaniel and stood their ground. Maybe he will think twice before pushing elijah or ariana again. Maybe not :)

But the thing that warms my heart, is the fact that Elijah stood up for Ariana, took that lesson of making it safe for her here at home to heart. Never mind the fact he is fighting his brother to protect his sister ... Still got to work on that, but it gives me hope, that someday maybe they all wont be enemies of each other but siblings who have each others back.


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