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Monday, June 19, 2006

God is good ... all the time~!

We got a workable offer today~~~! The guy wants to assume the mortgage and pay the rest then in cash with a grand total of 105. Which is very close to making it work on our end. I have our loan officer crunching numbers to see how this will all play out. He wanted the washer and dryer, the dryer currently doesnt work, so thats not an option and the washer, well its my front loader and im not sure im willing to part with it. He also wants us to pull the carpet and make sure there is nothing left behind, i think we can do that.

Im still a little nervous that we will have to infuse some cash to make the deal work but God knows the details so im trying not to worry.

I havent seen the offer yet but once we have that, we fax it to the mortgage company and they begin qualifying the individual. Once hes done that, we can set a closing date and fly with it provided the numbers from our loan officer pan out.

God is good ... all the time.


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