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Friday, June 02, 2006

grumpy old mom today

I know its cause i got less than 5 hrs of sleep last nite thanks to darling miss zemirah. But man the kids whining, not doing chores and the fact that the 2 yr old and 9 month old wont leave my side are beginning to officially drive me batty.

Thankfully i dont have anywhere to go today, tons of stuff to do as usual:pay bills, laundry, figure out our dryer prob, find some stuff for andrews trip,dishes and other fun work. I wish i could say i have hopes of catching a nap but Zemirah is the only one who naps these days and ezekiel is danger waiting to happen, so i dont even dare doze.

Ah well, such is life somdays.

My best friend from high school birthday is today! Happy Birthday Nikki!

Mine is tommorrow :) Not sure what the family has planned but they seem to have a few things up their sleeve. Time will tell!

Well enough musings,


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