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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You know i did ask for some encouragment

Very odd thing occurred this morning. The dog had gotten out and i was just getting back from chasing him and in a cranky kinda of mood after chasing him. This lady, that ive never seen before, stopped and asked did we get a new house. And I quizzedly looked at her and said well we found one but we need to sell this one first.

She then proceeds to tell me the Lord has been impressing upon her that he wants us to have a better house and that we are really cramped in here. I was kinda stunned as she was accurate and then she mentions somthing bout being unsafe if a fire broke out or anything. And then she prays right there on the sidewalk for safety of us and for our house to sell for the right price. Im still in shock.

I cant even tell andrew as hes off to the boundary waters this week . Wow what a morning!


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