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Monday, June 26, 2006

We are a go, Houston!

We got word today that the buyer is finally preapproved and my realtor should have the preapproval letter in her mailbox. Next hurdle, the appraisal but the lender has a back up lender if the first one comes in too low. So we are a go. Now the next step, is my buyers realtor takes the ball and negoitates the final seller concessions.

We hope they will contribute some cash for our down payment and that we can negotiate the use of the garage ahead of the closing. If all goes well, we are shooting for closing in the morning on this house and the afternoon on the new house on july 18th. We then have 3 days of rent back to move our stuff and clean this house.

My main concern right now is packing up this house with 8 beautiful rambuntious children around. Oh and cooking ... its hard to stop midsteam when packing, so this shall be a challenge to get a household of 10 packed up in 3 weeks , along with the details of house selling and buying htat need to be tended to.

Pray for me ... I will need it!



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