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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The sold sign is finally ours!

We have a deal people, our realtor came over today and put up the sold sign. Still waiting for that last final underwriter approval for his loan but its as good as done.

I am beyond excited, God is soo good.. again it was his timing not ours. I wanted to move months ago but he proved again that his timing is right.

It looks like we will be fine on the financial front but we will be requesting a few seller concessions to see if we can sweeten the deal a bit and put us in a better financial postion, rather than just squeaking by.

So we are pretty much good to go, we move then July 18- july 21. The buyer agreed to a rent buy back of 3 days, so we have a little bit of extra time.

The last 3 months have been hard, but now that we are at the end of this particular journey, its soo worth it.

Im still praying everything lines up right but im looking forward to showing off our beautiful new place!

God is good ... all the time, he puts the song of praise in this heart of mine!!!!!!!


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