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Friday, September 22, 2006


I think i got enough sleep, so Im not really sure why everything the kids do this morning is hitting the wrong nerve. I feel just plain grumpy. Maybe its the rainy cold weather or just more tired i think i am. B ut not a great start to the day for sure.

Im hoping I regain my attitude once the big ones are off to school and its just the 3 little ones home to keep me company.

Its the little arguments and whining that really gets me down. Things like whether or not an elephant is too big to take to school or whether or not a child indeed has clean clothing in this house. Arguments between brothers over whether a stuffed animal is indeed an elephant or a mammoth really help set the tone. Add a reading assignment that iddnt get done last nite into the mix and we really have fun.

Thus is life... this too shall pass and I can always redeem the day and sneak in a nap!


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