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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Solo flight this week

Andrew is currently in chicago teaching at the IT lab this week, so im on my own with the kids. Thankfully I got my work schedule cut down to only 4 hrs this week or im not sure i might quite make it. I really miss him when hes gone, its not so much specific things he does(although there is that too) but the being together that i miss the most. The being in the same room, occasionaly talking bout things, just sitting close and snuggling, and most of all falling asleep together. I know im such a sap :) Only 4 days and 3 more nights to go.

I came into this week after working 4 days, for a total of 24 hrs, which left me a tad drained i think.

On the home front, we got a new dryer. And while andrew didnt have time to install before he left, our much beloved pastor came over (while i was at work i might add) and got it all hooked up and running. Thanks Tom! You really made my night, i was sooo excited to come home and have it working. On top of that my friend, Gina started right in on my laundry! I have awesome friends.

God has been blessing us left and right, a chuch member dropped by and handed one ofthe kids some gift cards for us to order pizza. God knows, that one of the harder things to do is cook supper in the evening with all the kids doing their thing, so that was a huge blessing he bestowed upon us. God is good .. all the time!

On top of that I woke up refreshed today and not super tired like yesterday thankfully. Still sick every morning and quite a bit thruout the day but i suspect thats par for the course, during this time of pregnancy. God is still good!

Its Elijahs 7th birthday today. Its seems rather unreal that he could possibly be that old. Hes number 4 out of five boys and the fifth child, so he tends to get thought of more of the baby guy, although ezekiel is younger and im sure that will be even more of a baby kid thing. But he was always sorta lumped with the younger 4 and despite me not thinking he is old enough to be 7, he indeed is.

He was born on a sunday morning, i started to go into labor at church and a friend encourgaged me to start walking to get the labor established. Sure enough she was right :). It worked out timing wise too as we could just send the other kids home with the right people from church and i went to the hosp. I dont remember a lot bout his actual delivery but he wasnt coming out too early thats for sure, he was born one day before his due date. I had even went to the state fair that year, at the end of august hoping the endless walking around would convince him to come out, but no such luck!

He has a sweet spirit that somtimes gets lost in his stubborness but it keeps showing thru. He will genuinely share, even with his new toys. Just the other morning, he made a sandwich for his older brother who was quickly runningout of time to make lunch and get to school. May God use that for his glory!

Well thats all for now folks!


  • At 8:25 AM, Blogger Angi said…

    Happy birthday Big Ezekial!!!

    I do the same with #3, even though he is 12, we still lump him in with the younger two... ever forgetting he is old enough to have more responsibilies. Think we will ever see them as their actual age instead of the one we wish they had stayed?

  • At 10:45 PM, Blogger Wendy said…

    I can totally relate to missing the togetherness when he's gone. Last summer, I took the kids to visit my family in Kansas and could hardly sleep the whole time because Richard wasn't there with me.

    It doesn't seem like I'll ever get used to my children getting older and not staying little forever. It just makes me cherish them even more.


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