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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sickies and school

I wrote a nice long post detailing our weekend but ezekiel shut down my pc and lost it. So suffice it to say our weekend was good, we really enjoyed our company and got some errands done and even managed a sunday nap.

School started yesterday, everyone seems to like their teacher. Ariana was annoyed by another girl in teh bathroom, Elijah didnt like music, zechariah seemed to enjoy himself and Nathaniel was irritated at only getting 3 min of playtime in gym. The middle schoolers did well as well, they seemed to make some friends and got to classes okay.

As for me, the sickies seem to have hit full force, i wake up sick in the morn9ings, eating every couple of hours helps some but its hard to eat once you already feel yucky. Its almost worse feeling like you are going to throw up all the time, rather than just doing it and being done. but this too shall pass.

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