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Friday, October 05, 2007

Counting to 3

Didnt get a lot of sleep last night, the kids took turns waking me up. Zemirah started out the night, her room door got shut(which she cant open yet) and she woke up scared and screaming. So i had her crawl into bed with me and we fell asleeep together until andrew prodded me to put her back in her bed.

Nathaniel was next up on the list, presumably woken up by the storm. He came in my room turned on the light and was rather incoherent. I tried to figure out whats up but he stumbled back to bed before I really could do so.

Then Gideon was up a lot for the rest of the night. Not sure what was up, he was restless and sorta wanted to nurse but not really. So it was a lot of broken sleep, 20 min here or there. i tried putting him back in his cradle several times, but that didnt last long at all.

No wonder Im exhausted this morning and can barely keep my eyes open. Of course Gideon is asleep now that I have to be up with the other kids ... sigh.

Lots of laundry and dishes to do today and just overall cleaning and clutter. The house needs some serious attention. Hoping I can get enough motivation and enough non Gideon holding time to tackle at least some of it.

Thats all for now folks!


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