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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Google is not a moms best friend

I think most of us have done it, searched thru google for something or another. Usually scaring ourselves in the process. Yet we continue to do it. Hmmm ....

This morning I decided to look up the symptoms of asthma in babies. I have noticed increasingly more Gideon is sounding raspy or wheezy at times. Not constantly but consistently. Since I dont know much bout asthma other than my cousin and my friend Tina had it, I figured I would look up symptoms. REally diddnt know how it would present in a baby versus a kid either. Well in that search, it lead me to a link to cystic fibrosis. Which also has that wheezing as a symptom as well as digestive issues. What sort of stopped me in my tracks, was reading that often the first sign of it in infants is weight loss despite a good appetite.

Im trying not to get myself up in arms over this, after all , Im definitvely not a doctor. Its easy to start playing one on the internet, though. In some ways I just wish the doctors would say, hey Im looking at cerebal palsy or cystic fibrosis or I just really dont knwo what we are looking for. Then it gives me a starting point, I suppose its the not knowing that really gets to me.

I will love my son no matter what,my little mighty warrior. I cant wait to see what God has in store for our little man. I can see the hand of God on him. Last night, I took him with to the womens night at church. He is my little tagalong. Near the end, one of the women suggested laying hands on him and praying for him. What a powerful thing, having 20+ women laying hands and praying over my little boy and me.

His brain MRI (as well as the mri of his foot) is scheduled for thursday october 11 at 10 am. We need to be there at 9, which means leaving here at 8. What Im most not looking forward to, is the fact I wont be able to nurse after 6 am. He is just not going to be happy bout not getting to eat. Gideon already doesnt like his carseat and long drives much, this wont help that matter. I got some more details on the appt though, so now I know what to expect. The test itself will be at least two hours, then we will need to wait until he wakes up and eats something, before we can go home. I imagine it will be a really long day!

He also has his 6 month checkup on tuesday. So i plan to talk to the doc bout his raspy breathing then. Im praying big time he will have gained some weight by then.

Thats all for now,
God is good ... all the time


  • At 3:46 PM, Blogger Jill H said…

    I found you through google and added your link to my site. My daughter also has KT. Let me know if you would like me to remove your link. Thanks Jill


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