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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Ive made my first goal of cleaning the kitchen every day, pretty much for 3 weeks. Missed a day or two but for the most part, Im calling it a success. I also managed to meet half of my 2nd goal. -- doing 4 or more loads of laundry a day. And on some days, maybe bout 65 percent of the time, Ive met the 2nd half -- actually folding it and getting it put away.

My 3rd goal -- now that Ive started making my 1st goal into more of a habit is to tidy up the whole upstairs(minus my room - the pit of despair -- thats another goal in itself). So now for two days ( a virtual record) Ive managed to have it picked up by lunchtime. This involves the kitchen, living room, upstairs bathroom and the two kids bedrooms. I have the little kids help me pick up and put away the toys and then vacuum the hallway/living room. Then i head to the bathroom. At this point, its only getting a quick wipedown but eventually I want to deep clean that better too.

Then the afternoons are slated for folding the laundry that Ive washed in the morning. By the time the kids get home from school, its usually sitting on the table waiting for them to put it away. Even Gideon is helping put away laundry now. He loves taking his pile of clothes to his room and I help him find the right drawers.

My next set of goals involves cleaning up the downstairs in the afternoons as well. And trying to allot a time to do paperwork/phone calls/planning and the like. Hmm always working on something.

Praising God today!


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