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Monday, January 05, 2009

Catching up

Its been a busy few weeks here, blogging took a back seat.

Since we couldnt vacation this summer(due to andrews job change) we took this years vacation over christmas. This is actually only our 2nd formal vacation in nearly 16 years of marriage. We spent our time in southwestern wisconsin, visiting family over christmas and doing some vacation stuff too. We traveled down a day ahead of any christmas family events, so we had some time to relax too.

Our first hotel was fabulous, not only in price( only 79 a night for winter season) and space but in great staff as well. We rented a 2 leval loft suite with a full kitchen. So it had a kitchen area, eating area, living room area as well as a two bedrooms. With two fold out couches and one roll away cot, we had plenty of room for everyone to sleep and even spread out a bit! We will definitely stay there again. The staff went above and beyond to make sure we were well cared for especially since they did not have staff in the hotel over the actual christmas day. One of the neatest things we did was play hide and seek in the hallways on christmas morning. We were the only guests and there were no staff that day, so we didnt disturb anyone. Not everyone can say that they played hide and seek in a hotel! The kids throughly enjoyed burning off some energy.

We spent some time with family over teh holidays. The only sad note of that was my papa didnt get to come home for christmas , since they are still regulating his meds. I did get to visit with him for a very short time at the nursing home though.

Next we saw bedtime stories on Christmas night. We rarely go to a first run movie, let alone go on opening night, so a neat treat. We even took the kids in their pajamas to the late night show! Excellent flick!~

Packing up from the first hotel to the 2nd was a significant challenge, as many relatives showered the kids with gifts. Good thing my husband is good at playing tetris and packing things well. And Im very thankful to our friends who loaned us their trailer, that definitely was needed! It was very full by the end of the trip!

Although i lived 30 minutes from the attraction most of my life, I had never been(to my recollection anyway) to House on the Rock in spring green wisconsin. It was rather neat to get to see the christmas display, over 6000 santas in the whole viewing areas. One of the neat things was the infinity room which is a really long windowed room that juts out over a rock area with no supports below it. Some of the kids were freaked out but all made the journey to the end and back! I also enjoyed the giant carousel without a horse on it, it was all mythical creatures and the like. What I find most amusing bout this, is they make a big deal with signs and the like stating there are no horses on the carousel at all, yet their logo incoporates a carousel horse in the picture lol.

We then traveled up to wisconsin dells. Im not sure if it was partly that we had such a fabulous hotel the first time or if it was the way we had to have two rooms that were not adjoining but netiher Andrew or I really enjoyed the 2nd hotel. The rooms were directly across the hall from each other but I did not enjoy having the older kids in another room. They on the other hand really enjoyed having much more space and being "away" from mom and dad lol. We had two 2 room suites, so everyone had lots of room. Katarina even enjoyed an entire king sized bed to herself! It was a much bigger hotel and after the smaller hotel we were at before, it just felt really impersonal. It wasnt necessarily bad but we really didnt enjoy the experience there, so I dont think we will go back to that one. The water park there was okay, but really suited for rather younger kids, so the big kids didnt like it much at all.

The next day though, we did a daypass to mount olympus which we enjoyed. The indoor theme park was fun and I enjoyed some rollar coaster rides with the kids, Andrew had fun go karting and bumper carting with the munchkins. There were even teacups for the little ones to ride. We then ventured over to the waterpark part of it and the kids had fun there! It certainely was challenging though making sure we kept track of our multiple age groups. I even got to waterslide on teh tube slides with almost all of the big kids(Katarina had had enough, so she went back to the hotel with the littles) The only bad part to that evening was I thought my wallet was stolen. My memory was faulty thankfully, but I was convinced I had brought it back with me the 2nd time back, and zipped it into my pocket. It turns out though i had left it at the hotel, but we didnt figure that out until we had canceled 2 of the cards and started to make a police report. Whew ... Thank God for bad memory, I really was glad it wasnt stolen. Kinda felt silly though after making a big deal and it turned out I had just forgotten it in the room ...

Packing up and getting on the road took up most of the morning on sunday and we started heading back. A few stops at relatives along the way. We got to see my aunt and uncles brand new house which is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful views of teh countryside! That was an enjoyable visit. I think the kids were glad to be home. In fact the next day when offered teh option of going to a budget movie , most of them declined , saying they just wanted to be home for awhile lol!~

Well thats all for now folks, next up on the blogosphere, the week after vacation :)



  • At 11:13 AM, Blogger Bren said…

    I would love the name of the waterpark and hotel you stayed at! I know you are good with money so would love ideas as that is where we stay on the way home from Florida! Glad you had time off - you so deserve it!


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