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Friday, January 23, 2009

A post for my fans

Since my audience is demanding a new post -- write I shall. I will write bout the littles that i spend my day with. They are such awesome kids :) So are the middles and the bigs :)

Elaura really is at the fun stage -- she is very engaging, loves to smile and coo and is just adorable plus still takes two good long naps. She has just started to get her head up when on her tummy -- still fun to watch her hit her milestones even though shes number 10. Everyone comments on how alert she is. My tag along princess -- she pretty much goes everywhere with me these days.

Gideon is just delightful and terrorful at the same time. His smile just melts my heart. Im not sure if its that I waited 3 really really long months for him to smile or what but i cant help but be cheered up by it. My gigantor(affectionately called of course) though can reach everything. Not only is he super tall, he has extra long arms and big hands which makes him reach even further back on the countertop. Thus the terror -- he pulls so much stuff down its not even funny. Its a really good thing his siblings learned to love him first -- cause he gets into their stuff a lot! He regularly signs please and is in the process of learning more signs. One of the favorite games we play is to growl and he growls back pretending to be a monster. Its pretty hilarious too if he find one of the big boys nerf guns and comes up and says "boom" I think Zechariah taught him that one!

Zemirah is a bit of a drama queen. One of her favorite things to do is to line up her stuff which includes lots of things. Some days she makes a toothbrush into a character, or snags Gideons ironman or just her dollhouse furniture. She is forever worried bout Gideon getting into her stuff so spends a great deal of time protecting it. Unfortunely for her, he has learned a pretty nasty trick -- he figured out if he pulls her hair, he can grab the toy and run. Zemriah has beautiful long blond hair that she doesnt like tied back very often, thus its very accesible! She will follow ezekiel to the ends of the earth it seems. I cant imagine what next year will bring when Ezekiel goes to kidnergarten. They are such best buds. I havent seen this leval of connection since K and J were buddies. The two of them have a very big imagation. They love to play indiana jones or stargate or anything they can make up on the spot. Lots of lava and trouble ensues in these parts.

Ezekiel is very much a typical 5 yr old boy. He is constantly on the go - climbing, hiding, imagining and playing. I often find him in a secret hideout. One day he told me about his secret lab ... yes I made sure the chemicals were put up! He recognizes all his letters and has been trying to figure out sounds. We try to sneak in time when we work on preschool workbook and he loves doing his "homework" I have been trying to do it when the therapists are here for Gideon. That keeps Ezekiel from wanting to play with all their cool toys. He wants to be just like teh big boys cause he will certainely tell you hes not little! His favorite shirt says "my parents are exhausted" :)

This weekend will be finishing up the two pinewood derby cars, possibly going to an ordination ceremony and then the big race on Sunday night! Josiah has to help out at the tournament even though hes not wrestling tommorrow. He was not exactly impressed with this but I encouraged him to have a good attitude. Katarina is off gallivanting with friends tommorrow and at some point I need to go get diapers at walmart.

Thats all for now folks!


  • At 8:09 AM, Blogger Amy said…

    Nice long post, too! Gideon is so much brighter than his talking lets on!Very typical little brother stuff.

    Congrats on beating the Scrabble Master!


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