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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The story of the little lost brown hamster

Sometime Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, our little brown hamster(who has yet to be named) went missing. It was discovered Wednesday morning -- so the kids began the hunt for the hamster with no luck.

Throughout the day, periodically one or more of the kids would look under things or in the closet or do a hunt for any clues that the hamster had been there. Still no signs of her.

By bedtime on Wednesday evening, the hamster was still not found. Knowing that it was the hamsters active time, we stayed up and tried to listen for it. Still nothing. It was a bit disconcerting to think of the hamster running around while we were sleeping. Not to mention the 4 stalking cats that live in this house.

So as we went to bed, I prayed outloud that we find the hamster. Andrew reminded that being specific was important. Stories of a friend praying for a deer and finding a dead one and the "mini" van that God provided us came to mind. So I literally prayed that God would help us to find the little brown hamster that we purchased alive. And within minutes there was a ruckus in the boys room. So I went to investigate and my cat Murky had found it. It was in a toy firemans helmet and making some serious screeching as Murky was trying to figure out how to get it out from under the straps.

Talk about answered prayer! God doesnt always answer immediately but the times he does its a powerful reminder that he cares for us even in the little things of our lives! Im reminded once again to let him handle the details and leave the worrying up to him!

God is good alll the time!



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