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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sense of accomplishment

I've never been a great housekeeper. I know, everyone around me knows it and well I just have to keep trying to improve.

Somedays its easier than others to start tackling the loose schedule of tasks i have for myself:the load of laundry, pile of dishes and project destined for that day. Other days my love of books and reading lures me away. Or snuggling with my baby girl and breaking up fights interspersed with playing occupies my time.

But today i forced myself to ignore that calling from the current book i have on my bedside, and start tackling some chores. After all its much calmer today compared to yesterday(sending 5 off to school tends to do that). I had to chunk it ... routine never seems to be simple. But in the end, 3 weeks of recycling is sorted and put on the curb,1 sinkful of dishes washed, 1st load of laundry in the washer, 2nd one in the dryer, last nights puking fest(courtesy of Zechariah) is cleaned up with his bedroom steam cleaned and the living room picked up and vaccumed.

There was also nursing the darling girl, reading some stories to the strong minded boy and breaking up a few fights started by the michievous girl. It all adds up to a sense i accomplished somthing ... i managed to kick the housecleaning into gear and I feel good bout that. I think i will indulge in that book as i eat my lunch and the kids are napping.

Sure i have more to do but its always the starting that counts


  • At 1:48 PM, Blogger Anna said…

    Yeah!!! Good for you!! I do not have any motivation myself. I look around my house and see a ton of things I "should be doing"... but I have no desire to do anything. I did start the dishwasher and take Jenna to the doctor... maybe that's enough for one day...


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