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Monday, February 20, 2006

Its days like today when I know Calgon lied.

It never takes you away.

Overall it wasnt a horrible day but its not been completely pleasant either. Did finally get the kids rooms cleaned upstairs but only after I helped and threw two garbage bags of crap away. And a 9 yr old boy who has his pulse on my buttons .... its days like today that make me not even want to claim him.

And nights like this when the kids are not doing anywhere near what they are supposed to, let alone leaving each other alone or constantly bickering, hitting or telling one another to shut up. Makes me never want to do anything with them again. The concept of a reward (we took them all to see harry potter today) seems to escaped their radar.

Even the movie wasnt all it was cracked up to be, the youngest 4 were less than enthused to sit for a 2.5 hr movie. So Andrew and I took turns with the youngest two and reminding the next two to be quiet.

Well tommorrows a new day ... May God take whats left of today and turn it into good.


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