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Monday, February 13, 2006

4 days

It took 4 calls to the principal,2 emails to the ombudsman,7 phone calls to the district and 1 face to face meeting but the end result is they are moving Josiah to another classroom.

Im still a bit frustrated that it took 4 days to resolve this but Im thrilled we perserved for the best thing for Josiah.

No one should have to constantly battle their childs teacher to make sure that their family values and belief systems are being respected. They not only were not being respected but the teacher was openly challenging some of them, and that my friends, is not okay in my book.

So he will go back to school tommorrow. I cant say having him home has been all that bad, he is fairly easy going and gets along with the little ones. In fact hes old enough to be more of a helper as well.

God is good .. all the time.


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