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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Too much stuff

We just have too much stuff for the space we have. We seem to have things piled everywhere,on top of the piano, on top of the washer and drier, the closet floor, the kitchen counter, you name it , its probably got stuff piled on it.

So Im thinking its time for a purging weekend. I routinely have a goodwill bag or box for clothes that are outgrown, or not of use to us any further, in fact right now i have like 3 garbage bags full. Still we have too much stuff. I think im going to ask the kids to not only go thru their clothes, but their stuff as well and get rid of at least 5 things apiece.

I really desire more space for our family, to have a living room and a family room, to have only 2 kids per bedroom, to have cupboards and counter space. Sigh ... maybe someday. Right now we are still waiting for the realtor to call us back with a selling price. The longer it goes, the smaller my faith is that this move will really happen. I know God can get us out of this house and out of the cities, the question is more when .


  • At 3:54 PM, Blogger Nicole Jones said…

    What you need is an objective third party to help with that. See, all those piles...I bet 85% is stuff you don't need and don't want. If it was stuff you needed, it wouldn't be in random piles. However, I'm sure you have sentimental attachment to it all, thinking, "But I MIGHT need it." or "I'll just save this." A third party can assess it, say, "Listen, you don't need this game because you don't even know where most of the pieces are." and pitch it without regret.

  • At 11:31 AM, Blogger MJ said…

    I pitch plenty without regret and I routinely put out a laundry basket full of recycled papers and continue getting rid of more and more. So im not thinking its a packrat issue at all.


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