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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

College R' Us

Andrew got an email from his employer letting him know he cant teach that class after all. Reasoning ... he doesnt have his masters yet , the reason he can teach tech classes is cause of his certifications.

So andrew is pondering whether now is the time to go back for that masters degree. His place of employment offers a reimbursmeent program, so that would defray quite a bit of the cost but still. He had deferred doing his masters right after bacholors cause he knew i wanted to go back as well for my bacholors in nursing.

Not sure how wise it would be to have both parents in college ... i kinda think that might really truly make us insane. But then again there is the benefit of more financial aid if more are in college at the same time. Decisions, decisions.

Its harder for me to justify going back right now, i have no employer offering me money to help go to college, it just is more incurred debt. Sigh ... i will only have two kids at home, so i know its doable at this time but im still not sure. I wanted to start now, since i likely will have to do part time, unless i can get an adult program nites or weekends that works for me, so that i have time to finish before the kids are all in school. Zemirah will start in 5, ezekiel in 3.

Well enough dallying, i must get cleaning, insepctor dude coming over this afternoon, fun fun!


  • At 12:05 PM, Blogger Anna said…

    I'm thinking about college as well. :) Not sure if I'm going to take the plunge or not... but if I do, it won't be until fall of next year. I'm honestly thinking of something in the medical field; but again, not sure if I really want to do it. I think you should go back..even if it's just one class!


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