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Friday, March 17, 2006

Off to home today :)

Okay so its not home just yet ... but I have faith it will be. We are heading to winsted today to sign the final purchase agreement on the house and turn over the earnest money. Then coming back here to finalize the purchase agreement with ugly house dude on selling this one.

We should know by the end of this month if everything is going to finalize. The ugly house dude has until march 31, to get his contractors and inspection done and finalize his price. So keep praying folks! The details are in Gods hands.

We are excited, most of the kids are excited, with occasional bouts of sadness, bout missing this friend or that one. Katarina is probably the one most affected, since she is 12 and in 6th grade but she is also very social, so i dont doubt for a minute that she will have trouble making friends. I am beyond excited, right now all the benefits are overshadowing the things i will miss . But yesterday was tough, telling our favorite kidnergarten teacher we are moving. She cried , as I suspected she would. She literally is one of those people, if I could pack her up and take her with us, I would. She has had everyone from katarina down to elijah and was looking forward to ariana comign in the fall. That makes me sad ...

All in all this move is good, its right, and its what and where our family needs to be.

Thats all for now folks!


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