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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Interesting turn of events

The housing inspection went fine and I went off to the grocery store. While i was gone, a realtor and two investors showed up. Andrew graciously allowed them a walkthru(not sure i would have been as gracious), we didnt know they were coming at all.

On top of that , they seemed surprised to find out the ugly house guy didnt own it yet. It turns out he has it listed on the homevestors site already for sale for 115,900. Hes literally buying it from us for 105 and selling it as is, to investors for 115. I honestly didnt think you could do that if you didnt own it, but apparently you can.

I called him today and asked if he was ready to sign off the contingincies and finalize. He hemmed and hawed, said hes trying to get his contractors thru as quickly as he can to finalize numbers. Bogus , hes literally trying to resell it before he owns it to cover his butt.

I dont mind so much that hes making money off the deal, we knew he would. We just figured hed rehab and sell it for 175. What bothers me is the way hes going about it, trying to sell it before he owns it. He better not come back at the end of the month, unable to sell it and back out ... thats plain just not right. Im not sure what our rights in this kind of situation would be, but we are checkign with our buyers realtor to find out.

I doubt the realtor yesterday was supposed to let us know what this guy is doing but we know now. God has our backs!


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