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Friday, March 24, 2006

No news

Not really sure if thats good or bad. We informed the ugly house dude that by having his potential buyers/assignes come thru on wednesday night, that triggers the first 2 day period in which he has to respond. Which depending on how they calculate that is thurs friday, or friday monday. And if i am reading it right, the cancellation 2 day period conincides with the first one.

So either way we should know somthing by monday. He did pull the listing. Which could mean a number of things:hes planning to cancel, he knows hes caught, it was the right thing to do and he thought he better c omply,he sold it to someone already. Who knows ... its hard to not know whats happening right now.

But above all else, God is in control, whatever happens he can use it for his purpose and good , even if that means we cant move right now. Or if we have to wait a bit longer.


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