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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Escaping today

My friend is coming over to babysit today so that i can chaperone a field trip. Thinking bout this again, not sure im really escaping.Im leaving the 7.5 month old,2 and 5 yr olds but im exchanging for a classroom of kidnergartners at teh childrens museum. Hmmm ...

This actually is my favorite field trip to chaperone, i love the childrens museum and I like being able to chaperone, although it doesnt happen nearly as often as i want to with the little ones still at home. My goal each year is to chaperone one field trip for each of the kids and I usually do pretty good at that when i dont have a nursing baby. Zemirah is still nursing but she is eating enough solids to be able to leave for a few hours.

No news on the house front. Our roofer will start next monday and we hope to have a work day this saturday(Hey Claudia wannna come :) We just need to work on getting this house more presentable, it seems we just cant find the time, although i suspect its more of a time managment issue. Meanwhile life continues at full speed, 3 of the kids perform in school house rock live, jr this weekend. So that should be fun.

Well thats all for now folks!


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