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Friday, March 24, 2006

Rollar Coaster of a day

The ugly house dude cancelled his purchase agreement today. We also found out that he misrepresented himself to the truth in housing inspector as our agent. Yeah thats how he got the report faxed to him, when he was to have gotten it directly from us. We havent even seen the report yet.

So we are back to ground zero in some ways. We already have a realtor lined up that we trust, she had done a workup before we decided to go the ugly house route, so shes ready to list and we already have a lockbox on the door.

I also filled out an online form for another home buying group(turns out to be homevestors, ugly house, from minneapolis). He is going to file a complaint against the guy who was trying to sell our house before he owned it, at the corporate leval for us. He also may do a walk thru tonite, our realtor graciuosly is allowing this and we will finalize with listing with her tommorrow.

In addition to that, my buyers realtor emailed and said he had a long talk with the dishonest investor and will fill me in tommorrow. Curious to what thats all about.

So i dont know when we will move and if our new house will still be there but im asking God to preserve it for us. And I know this without a shadow of a doubt, God has us in the palm of his hand and can use this crazy mess for good!


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