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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Field trip and other miscellany of the day.

The field trip was fun, albeit tiring, and i rarely had a moment in which i didnt have a child hanging off my arm but it was fun. I enjoyed spending some one on one with elijah and his friends and doing things like delivering mail in the world room, being the boss at teh toy factory, discoving the science of the magic school bus and hanging out with the bearstein bears.

The little kids did brilliantly with my friend, although at one point, she could remember E's name, so she kept trying otu ones until he answered to one lol. Coming home was a bit of a meltdown as ezekiel got woken up, zemirah was hungry and so was i. Phone calls to return, including a hopeful one.

Our buyers agent has someone interested in looking our house. The investor has already driven by and looked at hte outside and checked out the immediate area and wants to schedule a showing. Its all happenign kinda quick, the showing will be schedule for tommorrow most likely. So maddash cleaning, packing and washing down will happen tonite and tommorrow. The interestiong thing bout this particular individual is her email address is savedbygrace91, and she told our buyers agent that address has special meaning, so im curious to find out if she is a fellow believer as well.

That would truly be a God moment if she is and this is determined to be our buyer. Even if not , it was the encouragment of the day i needed today. God is good ... all the time!


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