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Monday, July 03, 2006

15 days to go!

15 days people! Thats just a tad over 2 weeks. I wasnt freaking out at 18 days, i mean that seemed almost like a whole nother week, ya know, how close of course 18 is to the number 21. But man 2 weeks is scaring me.

Add the fact that Andrew travels to chicago for teaching next week and we have a recipe for disaster. The timing for the trip could have been better, but it was planned a good 6 months ago and isnt somthing he can get out of. So we just have to work with it.

Good news is that he got an air cast today and got to get rid of the heavy walking boot! Woohoo, it was such a drastic change that he almost felt dizzy.

In other fun news, i got 5 boxes this morning while single handly wrangling 8 children to do as they need to. Course the work they are assigned to isnt done but my lasso arm is tired, so we are doing a movie break(read sanity saver for the mother) this afternoon.

Okay back to the boxes, they are calling me and despite my intention to resist them for a good 30 min, i cant :)

Thats all for now folks!


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