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Friday, September 29, 2006

Morning mayhem

Andrew has today off, so he was sleeping in for a bit, at least until the kids took the din of the household up to a roar. Some mornings, it seems all they do it is argue over who is going to open up the cheestos first or where such and such thing is or even where teh bus is going to drop them off after a field trip.

Two are about to go off to school and the other 3 will go in about an half hour, then it will be back done to a quiet din. Meanwhile one is having meltdowns over clothes, shoes, and everything in betwen.

I think i need some coffee :) Im looking forward to spending a day with hubby with just a few kids home. Tonite, our realtor is getting married, so we are off to a wedding without the kids. Looking forward to getting out too.



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