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Friday, September 22, 2006

Naming 9 times over

As expected with this many kids, we are fast running out of names. So the search is on. I have pretty specific criteria for names at this stage of the game. I dont mind suggestions, but im incredibly picky!

It has to be 3 or 4 syllables. YOu cant go Katarina, Josiah, Nathaniel, Zechariah, Elijah, Ariana, Ezekiel , Zemirah and Bob. It just doesnt work for me, so a long name is in. The meaning has to be something good, usually biblical in nature or Godly character traits like purity. So Tamara meaning palm tree just doesnt cut it for me.

And it has to flow with the rest of the names and be not wildly popular. I like madeleine this time around for some reason, but it doesnt match the other names really and is pretty popular.

Middle names are less of an issue. Im thinking Audrey for the middle name after his mother. Possibly Daniel or Jonathan for a boy middle. At this stage in the game, most of the middle names are family related in one way or another. Although it didnt start out that way.

I have a few more E names i like, but we already have E1 and E2 and a Z1 and Z2 but some ofthe other letters just dont have names i like. Thats the last criteria, i have to like the name lol~ and dh too, he has vetoed Gabrielle for a long time. Of course its too popular anyway.

I have always liked Eliana, but its awfully close to ariana, so while its not out of the running, im not sure it takes front spot. There other names that ive liked for years, but they are too short and common for our use, like megan, laura and marissa.

Boys names i like right now are Gideon and maybe Bartholomew lol. I dont know, we still have plenty of time to ponder and search.

I was thinking today of Moriah, which is slightly different from mariah, but we have a niece named mariah, so then the question becomes is it too close to the name already used. My sil is pregnant too, one of hte other names ive considered recently, is now on her list of possibliities. And shes due first! Oh well, but i still like Amelia, im just not sure Amelia Audrey flows the way i want it to. Mostly though she likes names i dont like Dominic, or Bionca, so i think im pretty safe we will choose differently.

Ive never liked using nouns as names such as summer or rose or hope, just not my style. I like biblical names although most of the girls arent(cept for Zemirah which shows up in a geneology as a boys name). I have always liked hannah, rebekah and Abigail but those are way overused in my book as well.

Hmm maybe Mordecai, i like that one this time around! I know most people think a lot of our names are well , weird, or not a nice name to saddle a kid with, but they suit our children. Im not sure i want to name a child that means strength again, Ezekiel is one of the strongest little guys, he came out of the womb holding his head up.

I always say if my cousin can name her child venus( her favorite cow was also names this), then i can name mine anything!

Thats all for now folks!


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