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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bloggers Block

Have wanted to write at various times over the last week, but life kinda gets in the way sometims. When you are bout to change a diaper, or make supper, or even head off to work, not exactly prime blogging time. I generally try to write in the mornings when i do have more time to dilly dally around, but its at those times that the block seems to be there.

Had a fabulous thanksgiving. We really enjoyed preparing and feasting in our new home. God is good ... all the time! I still sit in awe sometimes and look around at what he has blessed us with and just cant comprehend it. We have soo much more space now. Recently we drove by our old home and it just looked so small that it was hard to imagine 10 of us crammed in there. In our new home, we really have space to spread out. Yet sometimes you will find all the kids congregated in the living room with us. It was a neat picture the other night to have them all around us. Nathaniel was helping his dad design an invite on the laptop while Elijah watched on, Josiah was next to me reading, Katarina was on the other couch reading and the younger crew on the floor playing with Zechariah.

Opps battery is bout dead here on the laptop, my cue for ending lol.

Thats all for now folks!


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