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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


It seems like thats all I want to do lately. Not sure if its the pregnancy, or just a combination of factors. I did attempt to go to bed early, before 10 pm even, but getting up at nearly 5 am didnt help. Plus Zemirah was up once last nite too and Ezekiel made his nightly trek into our bed as well.

Whatever it the cause, Im pretty tired this morning, already fell asleep for a nap at like 630 this morning already but I still feel pretty exhausted.

Things on the agenda today: funeral vistation, doctor appt and defitnely laundry. Oh and halloween ... finally nailed down all the costumes with mininumal cost. Reused what we could. Zemirah will be the clown, this costume has been worn by all the kids before her :) Ezekiel will be superman(thanks to a clearance buy last year), Ariana will be a skeleton, Elijah darth vadar, zechariah - a scuba diver, Nathaniel - a sheriff/cowboy, Josiah - a vampire and katarina (who is staying home to pass out candy) a pirate. Its wickedly cold here in minnesota, strong cold winds make it feel absolutely frigid out there.

Thats all for now folks


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