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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sometimes I just dont want to

Since Ive started working, staying home, even to do dreaded housework has been the prevelent theme. I just dont enjoy going out as much or I guess when Im tired and would rather nap lol. But the elementary kids have a parent thing this morning, muffin/donuts and then you go see their classroom. I just plain dont want to go but Im trying to ignore the sucky attitude in my head and go anyway. Its kinda bad when you find yourself wishing someone would get sick, so i dont have to go lol!

Its cold and well frankly I'd rather not have to load all 3 little ones and go out. Especially at 730 this morning, when Im barely awake. But they want me to, so im doing it for them. Now to just stop them from fighting over whose classroom Im going to vist first!



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