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Monday, November 13, 2006

A good day

Between the kids and I we got the whole house in order yesterday. It was so nice to get up to a farily noncluttered house this morning. It also helps me what to continue that trend. Going to work a bit on laundry but more on some other projects like steamcleaning a room, decluttering the island and maybe tackling my bedroom.

Im really looking forward to getting some stuff done today and a nap. Its my long day, since andrew teaches tonite and wont be home til 11. So i have more time to stretch out some tasks and then some downtime when the kids go to bed.

I used to dread mondays(well it started out thurs lol) but ive grown to enjoy the time. Dont get me wrong, I wouldnt want andrew to be gone any longer than he is but Ive learned how to enjoy a few hours of me time. Granted 11 o clock rolls around, and Im listening for the door... but thats cause I love my hubby.

Okay off to enjoy the day!


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