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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hard stuff

I guess looking back, i could sense something was amiss with school and Josiah. I probed a bit, but I guess I just wasnt asking the right questions or its gotten worse. He admitted to us that kids have been picking on him, moreso bullying him. He actually said a kid punched him in gym the other day and that the one kid kept messing up his locker combo over and over. So i suppose its a bit of little stuff and big stuff, either way, not okay in my book.

He broke down in tears saying he didnt want to tell the teachers cause he thought it would make the bullying worse. Its here where I dont know quite what to do. I know we have to talk to the school, but i also know that getting teachers involved doesnt always help either. Why must kids be so mean? It made me cry to listen to it tonite, and listen to how tormented he has been.

We have noticed an underlying anger that boils over quite often lately. This is probably a good part of it, as well as puberty raising its ugly head.

I just pray that the Lord give me wisdom in figuring out how to help him weather thru this.



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