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Monday, December 04, 2006

I love it!

I decided to pull out the christmas decoration boxes tonite and do a bit of decorating. We dont have a ton of things, but a few to make it festive. Each year I try to add to the collection, often buying stuff after Christmas on clearance. The best part of this is not remembering what I all bought, so when I open the boxes, its like christmas all over!

I was kinda bumming a little, didnt think I had bought anything new and I havent purchased anything yet this year. I was very pleasantly surprised to find some goodies in the boxes. Not big things,just a little santa gingerbread house that lights up, a new stuffed reindeer, little snowman guy and a minature gingerbread house. But it totally made my night to find my surprises.

One of nicest surprises of the night was stumbling across the little victorian figurine that Katarina had gotten me for christmas last year with her very own money. That was special! I put it a very special spot and will enjoy seeing it.

Another one of my favorites is our russian snowman. We got him the first year Andrew started teaching out at crown college. They happened to have stuff half off that day in the college bookstore, so we bought him as a celebration marking Andrews first paycheck for that job. An added bonus was the russian part of it, as that is andrews heritage.

Cant wait to get up the tree! Only problem is we bought a bigger tree to fit the old house with its huge ceilings and cant quite remember how big. So we arent sure it will fit her in the new house, but will have to put it together to know.

So far I put all of the stuff upstairs, I still have a fireplace mantel to fill up and decorate! For now it probably will hold the stockings and some garland but after christmas , clearance sales here I come! Especially now that i have a fireplace, i really want to start collecting a christmas villege set. I have always liked them but never really had a good opportunity to collect one yet, nor a great spot to put one. But the fireplace mantel is calling , it says put something on me! lol!

Enough babbling for tonite, Andrew should arrive home from school soon. So much for heading to bed early. Its hard to give up that time between when the kids go to bed and when I go to bed, its sorta my time. I did get blessed with a really nice nap this afternoon, so im thankful for that!

God is good ... all the time!


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