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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Almost 19 months

The time seems to be sneaking by, perhaps her little size adds to the delusion, in reality my baby girl is almost 19 months old already. Shes only bout 20 lbs and pretty short, so she still looks more like 12 months rather than 19. Well then you get to know her and her stubborness and determination put an end to that errant thought.

Zemirah is a climber like her brothers, in fact like all of the kids when they were young. She is constantly finding herself in places she ought not to be. Her vocabulary is also expanding at a drastic rate. Just last week as she was leaving the room to go to bed, she calls out to her dad, "see you later". One of her favorite words is up lol, quite often clamoring to get up in my lap. She loves baby dollies, moreso than her sisters did i think. In the toy aisle its almost unbearable for her to see all the babies she cant have. She definitely is a charmer when she wants to, but the determination of her will shines thru. She holds her own against ezekiel, who is 3 and well somtimes frustrates her older siblings in her quest for their stuff.

I just realized today as i counted back the months, how old she really had gotten. My baby girl is growing up!

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