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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Sickies

Another sunday morning home due to sick kids. Its really a bummer, I was looking forward to going to church since I missed last week.

But alas, coughs, colds, and even throwing up keeps me home today. I suspect Ariana is mostly fine, just that she coughed so much she made herself throw up. Esp since she ate brekky this morning just fine and is off playing but we kept her home anyway. The two youngest, have this nasty chest cold, with coughs, low grade fevers off and on as well. I think if they arent any better by tommorrow, to the doc we go. I tried to get a same day appt for them friday but they were all booked up.

So i sit here in the semi quiet, kids playing round me, thinking hmm what shall i do wiht my morning. Im thinking probably some laundry, loading the dishwasher, figuring out lunch is the most likely agenda.

We made a gigantic run to Sams Club yesterday, 3 carts later, our larder is well stocked. Praising God from whom all blessings come. With the larger mortgage and adjusting to that, our grocery budget has been, well, lets just say less than optimal. But God never failed to provide for us and not once did we go hungry. Sometimes it was food from unexpected sources such as our pastor bringing us 100 lb sack of potatoes or my dad giving us venison meat. Sometimes it was anounymous people giving us gift cards to walmart or friends bringing us tons of bread from a thrift store near their town. Sometimes it just was figuring out unique ways to use the food we had still in the cupboard. Any way you slice it, God provided time and time again and for that Im thankful. And im so ever grateful now that he has filled our storehouse once again and for that I praise him.

A telling point yesterday was when one of our sons said for our next movie night "can we have burritoes instead of candy" Havent made those in awhile I guess :)

Got some pretty good prices but two deals stick out. They had boneless skinless chix thighs for 99 cents a pound. Thats hugely cheap, even the ground beef was way more than that at 1.71 a lb. You did need to buy the case to get that price, but heck thats 8 -16 meals for us, not a hardship in the least! Ground beef in the case was 1.71 a lb, still a good price but not nearly as great as the chix. The other one was we found 5 lbs of frozen corn for 1.43 a bag. Prices vary from club to club, the nice thing is we were able to see which one was the cheapest for most things by comparing them online. One a little further away had definitive higher prices and the two that were in proximity were close but generally the one we went to was 20-80 cents cheaper on most items. Not all of course. The other club had the corn at 3.88 which is a normal price for that. So im not sure if this club just had extra shipments thus the lower price, but we bought 6 bags at that price!

Hopefully this will last us awhile. Unfortunely I think it wont last as long as we hope with our family size. I remember when we used to shop at sams club, and it was buying in bulk, now with a family of 10 the pkgs are just about the right size for one portion or grocery period. Ah well I guess I wouldnt trade them for more groceries :)

God is good ... all the time! Praising him for his blessings today!


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