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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Two families

Early in our marriage we agreed we wanted kids close together in age. Both of us came from families with large gaps and we didnt enjoy the disconnect that came with that. My sister was 2 when I moved out of the house and got married. 3 of andrews brothers were out of the house before he hit kidnergarten. So we planned at least one or two of them lol, to be close together in age.

And while it was crazy at times cause God blessed with so many in a short time frame, I enjoyed the fact they were all into the same things. They could play together or we could all go to mcdonalds playplace and everyone would be happy and able to play.

Yesterday was one of those moments in time that drove home the point things are changing, as they should but changing nonetheless. Its been happening for awhile, but yesterday was distinct enough to just make me a little sad.

There was a youth broomball game at the lake and the 4 oldest were invited, even though the younger two arent techincally really old enough. So everyone was preparing to go to that, katarina was at a sleepover and would meet the boys there. So our 4 eldest out of 8 were off to an event and we were left with the 4 youngest. It was then I realized the thing we sought to avoid was happening anyway, the gap between siblings. I think its slightly different since we have kids in the ages between the gap but still.

Dont get me wrong, it was an enjoyable morning with the younger ones--we played skipbo, chutes and ladders, and bumperena. And relxed as well and the older ones had a great time at broomball. But it did illustrate a life change that had been sneaking up quietly for awhile. And it made me sad even though knowing this was a stage in life that is coming and normal. So now the challenge comes in finding things that can cross multiage groups that we can do together as a family, so we dont lose our connection.

And finding ways to celebrate the independence of the older ones as they go out into the world and still making the connections at home. I only saw katarina for 10 minutes yesterday as she flitted between a sleepover, broomball and bible quiz meet. And already the waiting up has started.... we knew where she was, we just expected her home earlier than midnite. But she made it back from the meet safe and sound, thankfully.

Well enough hyperbole


  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger Angi said…

    We've been dealing with the same thing for a few years. Now we are having to adjust to the ones in the middle moving up to the older group. Before they were always 2 older, three younger, now it is 3 older and two younger. ACK!!!!!!


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