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Monday, January 29, 2007

Busy Weekend

Andrew and the boys had to get 3 cub scout pinewood derby cars done and ready to race by sunday afternoon.
Generally wasnt intended to be down in 2 days, so Im impressed they managed to get them down. Elijahs was a typical wedge shape, and of course red, his favorite color. He got 2nd in most of his races and i think one first but didnt place overall. Zechariah made a modified thin wedge with a notch out of it, it reminded me of a wrench. He scored mostly 1sts with a few 2nds and won a 5th place trophy overall! Nathaniels was the most unique. Last year he made a 3 wheeled car that got disqualified at the district race, so this year he wanted one that had some of the same concepts but had the 4 wheels. It was very uniquely shaped, sorta s shaped, sorta curly cue. Andrew said it reminded him of a hurricane symbol. He scored mostly 3rds and 4ths but he really loved his car!

I also had to work saturday and sunday, although i got 3 hours off in order to attend the race. But that does mean i have to make up 3 hrs today, ugh! Got the household and grocery shopping down in there as well. Sunday besides church,work, and the race, was the church budget meeting. So a jam packed weekend. Im looking forward to a little down time today.

Since ive got a little quiet time this morning before the kids are due up, Im hitting hte bible. My question of the morning is, why include letters written to specific churches? Wouldnt that just be specific to them? Hmmm ... inquiriing minds wanna know.



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