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Thursday, January 25, 2007


I dont normally get a lot of headaches and if i do, usually meds help. Occasionally Ill get a good one that just doesnt want to go away, seems like thats the case this morning. Not sure if its cold air or what, but despite the stocking hat my darling hubby put on my head, it still hurts.

Dog is holding his own, not really better but thankfully not worse. Hopefully we can get him in to the vet tonite, andrew is getting off bout an hour early and went in a bit earlier.

Work was pretty decent last night, I enjoyed both of the coworkers I worked with last night and one who has been on sick leave stopped in. That was great to see her looking so much better! Work again tonite unfortunely. The hard part last night was when my husband called and was having a rough night, just wanting to be home and couldnt be. Its not that my presence would have necessarily calmed the children or the night but it would have been easier to go thru together. Sigh ...

Todays adgenda, includees phone calls, finding a babysitter and making the vet appt, laundry and snuggling some kiddos lol.

Thats all for now folks


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