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Friday, January 26, 2007

Not Sure

Im not exactly sure how to blog bout this, how to let the gamut of emotions Im feeling out. Our dog, Abbott died yesterday. Hes been sick and we had made arrangments to get him to the vet, but before that could occur, he got progressively worse and died. I was the one on watch, so it was a long hard emotional day.

I can say Im glad hes no longer in pain and suffering. But I miss him. He was a good dog, yes gave us grief at times when he was on one of his running streaks but awesome with the kids. He would tolerate them sitting on him, trying to ride him, put up with pulled fur and tail and just would growl and walk away. He had this sense of knowing they were little and didnt know better but that didnt stop him from knocking them over though! He always came home, even when people tried to steal him. He got away and made his way back to us.

He wasnt that old, only 6 in human years but I guess it was time for him. The kids are doing okay, I wasnt sure how they would all take it. I figured most of the boys would take it in stride, fairly typical for them. The girls, as expected took it harder. Ariana was upset and that I guess i didnt predict. Katarina I figured would be, shes always been close to the dog, but I hadnt realized arianas connection. But now that i look back, she did try to ride him, give him treats and play with him a good bit.

I was surprised to hear andrew say yesterday he had thought bout getting another dog already. In the past, when our cats have died, I was the one that wanted to replace them right away and he wanted to wait awhile, usually longer than I wanted to. So the role reversal is suprising. Some of his reasoning, is that he thought it would help the kids better. Maybe ... but Im not ready yet and not sure when I will be. Im not even completely sure I want another dog and I definitely dont want another one that looks like abbott. We obviously arent jumping into anything and it would likely be awhile before we consider it.

I really hope out of sight is out of mind for the little ones though. It would break my heart to hear Zemirah say "Abbott Come" as shes prone to do.



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