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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gideons 6 month check up

First of all the good, He gained 4 ounces! Praise God for that! He is finally back up to 15 lbs even~ wooohoo. So the doc was pleased with that and didnt suggest supplmenting or anything which i was positive she was going to make me. She did say that we could go ahead and start veggies and see how he does with that.

He also has gained an inch and half in length, so hes 97 percent for height but only 10 percent for weight. But he is holding his curve albeit a much lower curve but holding steady finally.

Now for the not so good news, she could hear his heart murmur again today. And his hip is loose and clicking, which likely means he will have to wear a brace to keep it in place. So they are setting up an appt with the orthopedic guy.

They also did a chest xray to check his congestion, it looked clear from my docs eyes but shes sending it off just to be sure, since he will have to be sedated on thurs for his brain mri.

I asked bout cystic fibrosis and its not one of the things they test for in newborns here. She didnt think it matched closely enough to test right away but said we will keep it in the back of our minds. She didnt seem to mind me looking up infromation on things, she just said to come ot her with any questions on it, so that was nice as well.

Poor little guy had to have a chest xray and his 6 month shots as well. I am thankful though for a doctor who takes the time to be cautious and thorough, so praising God for that too.



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