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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


One of the many reasons that I enjoy having company over is the set in stone deadline for cleaning. It prompts me to prioritize my time better( although sometimes to the other extreme of not spending enough time with the kids) and get the cleaning and organizing and decluttering done.

So I have been on my mad cleaning frenzy. First place of organizning happened to be the storage room. Which to me sounds odd, as thats not typically a place guests would frequent. It makes sense though in a much broader picture. In decluttering the upstairs, I realize I need the storage room clean and organized in order to put some other things away, that have been sitting awhile. Thus it began. I have been wanting to tackle it anyway, so i could get the clothing bins in a good place to start sorting summer clothes back into bins by size. I also took an opportunity to rid ourselves of some of our billion shoes!!! Summer shoes all matched and boxed up for next year, too small and not useful for a younger siblings-- passed on to others, and others put in the pile for the local thrift store.

It took me too days, but other than the gigantic mountain of laundry(recently reduced from volcanic proportions) its neat and tidy! I love how this year I feel Im much more ready for winter. Boots already gone thru and double checked that we have right sizes, snow pants already hanging on nails in the storage room, and the glove/hat/mitten tote out and in use. I still need to do some matching of gloves and put each kids in their cubby downstairs. That too got brought in, the cubby that is, and is ready to be used.

Dishes got all caught up today as well as 7 loads of laundry not only washed but folded and put away as well. The house definitely needs some decluttering but its mostly in order. Im pumped bout that too, cause then when i clean tomorrow, I can put more effort into deep cleaning rather than just the standard picking up and cleaning i normally do.

Im really looking forward to hosting some friends and giving thanks.

God is good ... all the time!



  • At 11:17 AM, Blogger Bren said…

    I am so glad you feel on top of things! Woohoo!

  • At 8:11 AM, Blogger charmed said…

    Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.


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