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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The masses have spoken

Okay so only 3 people (Hi Tom, Gina and Brenda). I am due for writing a recent post anyway.

We had a great weekend away. It was really nice to hang out with our friends and for the kids to see their friends. It was interesting to watch the dynamics. Ezekiel is a leader and had the two girls following him around the house. At one point they all had play bananas and were shooting the snakes that had come into the house. Great imaginations!

Andrew was bogged down with a 2000 word paper most of the weekend, so he didnt enjoy the time so much with that hanging over his head.

My aunt and uncle went all out for us, I mean ALL OUT! We pulled up to their house and in the backyard was a spongbob jumping inflatable thing!!! I think I was a bit in shock at what they had done for us. They really wanted to make sure the kids had fun. I enjoyed seeing my grandparents and my aunts and uncles. We did pick an intersting time to come, in almost every room of the house, the packers/viking game was on. My family is all from wisconsin, so big packer fans. I enjoyed razzing them a little telling them I like the Vikings since they have better colors. They made a huge spread, turkey, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, stuffing -- yum! I loved being able to stay as long as we wanted, without the added pressure of knowing we had to go home that night with a 6 hr drive in front of us. That was really nice to go home Monday morning instead.

Then my aunt brought out the kids xmas presents, since we wont be able to go home for christmas. She went all out there too. They all got a shirt/vest combo, toothbrush,activity books, new snow gloves, new socks and some candy goodies. Then she got us 3 family movies on top of all that too! She got little Gideon, really cute jammmies, which he totally needed. It was very much a blessing to us.

We left at 9 am monday and arrived home at 430 pm, with a stop for lunch, and 2 bathroom breaks. Not bad really. We dropped andrew off in stpaul to get the car and head to school, so he didnt even get to come home til 11 pm that night.

This week has been spend recooperating, getting caught back on household chores and preparing for K's birthday sleepover. She managed to con me into letting her invite 6 girls.

Gideon is doing well, hes up another 4 oz. So hes back on a good growth curve and should gain about a 1 lb a month. He is so much more enjoyable now, mostly a happy baby(cept when hes teething). His little grin is adorable with his top teeth in now, he has 4 teeth and working on 2 more. Though watch out -- he bites! He also pulls hair much to Zemirahs dismay, she often gets too close and he grabs a fistful.

Well gotta run, time for lunch

God is good. . . all the time!



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