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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Good news

I really was dreading todays appt, mostly because I couldnt get a sitter, so my 2 and almost 4 yr old were coming with. They overall were pretty good and Im thankful for that. A little rambunctious at times, but thats pretty normal.

The best part is he doesnt have a problem with his hip!!! Woohoo! Cant tell you how relieved I was. They took an xray, which shows it as normal and not loose. Yes he does have a click but in the doctors words, he doesnt have a clunk. He said a click,is usually somthing with a ligament or muscle, nothing really to worry bout but a clunk means the hip bones and things are moving in ways they should not. Gideon will need to go back in 6 months for another xray and followup but thats to be expected.

I really liked this doctor, he also took some time and looked at his leg and was very conversational. Im actually sad that he is only filling in and moving on to Louisana in december. He thought also that the leg looked likely indictive of KT. He also filled in the reason why we were sent to a geneticist. He stated they generally sent people there when dealing with syndromes rather than just one symptom. They can look at the overall picture. He also told me that with a venous malformation, that leg and area get more blood and oxygen, which in turn causes that leg to grow bigger faster. Pretty interesting stuff.

Two more appts tommorrow,one for Gideon in the morning and one for Josiah in the afternoon. REally looking forward to the weekend!



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