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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Song of praise

What comes to mind this morning is a line from my favorite song "God is good, all the time, he puts this song of praise in this heart of mine"

When I think about Gideon and the strides he has made over the last 6 months,I can only praise God for his goodness. Everyday I see Gideon doing somthing new or working on developing a skill he already has. It makes me just sit back in awe of how awesome our God is.

He has started grasping at things with his hands. His arms and movments are still a bit arkward but when he reaches out with both hands and touches my face, I just melt. He now brings his exersaucer toys to his mouth to chew on them. His hands are mostly open with just the thumb tucked in now. Its all little things, things that I likely took for granted before.

I have been thinking of a woman i met a few years ago. As I would wait for one of my kids who had occupational or speech therapy, I got to know the other moms waiting during the same time slot. This woman had at least two, maybe more, severely developmentally disabled kids. I distinctly remember one discussion where I talked bout being excited for whatever milestone the baby at the time had done. She responded with telling me how excited she was when her kids met those milestones, months or often years later than expected. I thought i understand what she was saying. I realize now though, I really didnt have a clue what she truly meant. I understood on the surface, yes, but not until you have been there, do you fully comprehend it. Gideon is only delayed by 2 or 3 months, not years and he is fast developing many skills. But that gives me a glimpse into what its like for this woman. I am much more excited when he grasps for that toy than I was for the other kids. Its not that hes better, or anything like that, its just that I recognize the struggle it took him to get there. It makes that prize, that skill, so much more celebrated having worked a bit harder for it.

I also finally discovered something he likes to eat(besides momma milk that is). Vanilla yoguart is a huge hit, he even willingly opens his mouth for that. Im extremely thankful for one food that isnt a battle to feed him. Allow I suspect he is completely playing me. I tried yesterday to feed him some cereal and he wouldnt open his mouth and turned his head away. I switched to yoguart and once he realized what it was , he began opening his mouth. Little stinker!

God is indeed good .... all the time!


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