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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Beautiful Day

Its a really nice sunny fall day today. I would totally love to go hiking with the whole family. We did that a lot, when we lived in st paul, usually at one of the state parks. You can get a state park pass which gets you into all of the parks for relatively cheap.

Alas though with Gideon having Pneumonia, we are supposed to keep him in and close to home. He doesnt act very sick other than just sounding congested a little and coughing infrequently. So its hard sometimes to remember, oh yeah... cant go anywhere right now. I know its for his own good, so his little bit of pneumonia doesnt develop into full fledged fighting to breathe pneumonia. I still would have loved to go hiking. I have a million things to do here like about a million pieces of clothes to wash and fold;I think Im taking a bath instead,



  • At 9:31 PM, Blogger Wendy said…

    Just think how sweet it'll be when Gideon is old enough to say, "Mommy, can we go hiking today?"

    Of course, I hope you get to go hiking before then, since that's a few years down the road, but it's a nice mental picture, you think? :)

  • At 8:47 AM, Blogger MJ said…

    Thanks Wendy, that really is an uplifting thought as Im home from church with him!


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