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Monday, February 04, 2008

Days like this

Days like this make me glad Im not Ariana's teacher. She came home with homework. Somtimes she slips under the radar and doesnt get it done but I was prepared to tackle it with her tonite.

She had this weeks spellings words(6 of them), a midyear spelling review(30 old words) and a handwriting practice of 2 sentences. The response to this homework was like she'd been given a masters leval thesis paper. Seriously over the top. It took over an hour of her fit throwing, crying, stalling to get her to settle down and seriously work. Serious attitude readjustment.

School is rather hard for her and she is struggling. I realize that but that doesnt give her an excuse to not even try. Once i managed to get it thru her head, that quitting, napping, or just refusing wasnt an option-- she seemed to settle into working.

The thing Ariana doesnt realize is IM way more stubborn than she is lol!



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